Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mapping Globalization Project

I missed another post yesterday. I hope this doesn't become a habit with the increased workload that exists right now. Today, I'm preparing for interviews for the GIS Specialist position I have open. My interview process consists of a written and hands on test, as well as the traditional question/answer session. I also need to a get a handle on my budget with the end of the budget year fast approaching.

"With all the talk of globalization it is easy to forget that at the very core of the concept is a notion of geographical location. Globalization involves connections between at least two places and the first step in our understanding must be an appreciation of what this means in a concrete sense of space. Globalization involves movement—of people, goods, cultures, etc. One of the challenges of analyzing and displaying this phenomenon is that static images and text fail to convey the historical complexities and geographical patterns. The notion of a network may be the best means through which to appreciate the particular qualities of globalization, Most literally, networks are arrangements of connections into nets, or openwork systems linking groups of points and intersecting lines." Check out the Mapping Globalization Project at

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