Monday, October 02, 2006

National Geographic MapMachine

Happy Monday! I've been slacking on making my posts again. Since I last posted I attended diversity training at the City. It was an excellent class and taught in a unique way. It was more fact based than "you should do this" or "you shouldn't do that". Hopefully it will help to improve some attitudes. Friday we got all of our data back from our consultant and it was loaded into the geodatabase. Now the big work starts of quality control. Today, our new GIS Specialist starts. We will be spending the majority of the day reviewing policies and work projects that need to be worked on immediately. I'm going to leave you today with a couple of quotes that I got from the diversity training that I think could help us all get along a little better. "Life, at its' best, is a creative synthesis of opposites in fruitful harmony" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "You must be the change you wish to see in the World" - Gandhi.

The National Geographic MapMachine powered by ESRI allows you to locate nearly any place on Earth, find country facts, and search and print historical, weather, and population maps, and more with this dynamic atlas. Check it out at


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hey it is Tuesday already, so happy Tuesday! hey no need to excuse about your slacking on making new posts, we all comprehend the nature of your busy time, so I forgive you :)

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