Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alertdude Groups

Well I have read through my 150 emails at least once from being out last week. It almost doesn't pay to leave town. Anyway, I've got several meetings today. First, we are setting up our WebEOC product all day. Unfortunately, I have to miss part for a meeting about City owned property and the Supervisor's Network. This month's topic is Media Relations. I'm also going to do my best to spend some time on the planning of our little mini-conference here in East Texas tonight. Have a good one!

Groups is a site that let's "people map easily, and organize their interests into groups. The purpose of a group is to organize common interests. Some examples include 'Jobs', 'Houses', etc. A group can be anything you like, and can map anything you like. You can list in any group as many times as you like. You create listings within groups. A listing can include a title, a description, and one picture. It can be about anything you want, but should be related to the group it's in." I added myself to the GISUser Group that is tracking GIS professionals. Check it out at http://www.alertdude.com/groups/index.php.

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GeoMullah said...

Only 150 emails? Geez! You're gettin' off light. When I returned from Where 2.0, I had about 1500 emails that didn't tell me that I needed male enhancement or had missing relatives in Nigeria. I assume I'll have about 2500 when I get back next week.

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