Monday, August 14, 2006

Fantom Planet

I survived the ESRI UC! It was an incredible, but busy week. As you can tell I only got two posts out. Next year I will do better. Although, I met all my other goals of the conference. I learned more about ArcWeb Services and found an easy way to replicate/transfer data between us and the appraisal district using ArcGIS Server. If you haven't heard the mid range version of this will be delivered free of charge to those that already own ArcIMS and ArcSDE. Of course my other goal was to meet up with friends and make some new ones. I was fortunate enough to do both. What a week!! Look for pictures and more info in the coming days.

Occasionally, I like to point out other blogs out there. "Fantom Planet is "some random geographer's" opinionated output about all things geospatial, geotechnical, and whatever else on location based information and services." Fantom Planet put together the Geoblogger meetup at the ESRI UC which I regrettfully missed. Maybe I'll catch it next year! Anyway, Fantom Planet talks shop with alot more humor than I can ever come up with. Check it out at

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Dave Smith said...

I unfortunately missed out on the GeoBlogger meetup while in San Diego also... though there was plenty of other good fun to keep me busy... It's a great idea, and I might keep it in mind for some of the other events down the road. I crossed paths with "Fantom Planet" at one or two previous events this year, such as ESRI FedUC, MetaCarta Users Group... He does post with a good mix of critical and insightful thought along with some great comedic flair, to make it one of the more enjoyable blogs that I visit.

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