Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Population Action International

G'Day! Well, the GIS Specialist came back today. I didn't scare him off with the thought of doing process flows and quality control on 64 layers. Today, we have another GIS Day planning committee meeting. We will be discussing the "What is GIS" section of our event. This afternoon the GIS Specialist and myself will hopefully wrap up our discussion on current projects. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that our GIS Technician got a new title with the new budget year. He is now the GIS Data Steward. I don't think he is too keen on the name, but it is fitting. Has anyone else heard or used this title?
"How many people will live on the planet 20 years from now? Where will they live? Where will population grow, and where will it decline? The map on Population Action International page illustrates a projected possible answer to these questions, applying new methods of mapping population density and of projecting its future." Check it out at http://www.populationaction.org/resources/publications/mappingthefuture/index.htm.


Daniel Raven-Ellison said...

It's vital that the public, media and students understand that it is geographers who are dealing with much of this. Can you promote Give Geography its Place (http://www.passion4geography.co.uk) at the event?

Anonymous said...

looks good

lidarservicecom said...

This is one of the best invention of man. I can say that our world really evolves with this kind of technology. I love Geography. Thank you for posting this one.

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