Monday, October 16, 2006


It's been a while! We have been busy as ever at work. Our focus has been on process flows and quality control for our data that we got back from our consultant. The time constraint has made me half way consider discontinuing the blog, at least for a while. I'll see how the next week goes and then decide. Have a good one!

" aims to be the central point for hungry people and restaurants to congregate. Our first release, the restaurant browser system, is only a small piece of what is on the roadmap. In the next 6 months we're going to be building up features to allow restaurant owners to manage their own Internet websites, online advertising portfolios, and interactive solutions for bringing more customers into their restaurants by effectively showing people what is available to them." Check it out at


Amber said...

As a big lover of going out to eat....this website fascinates me. You mention businesses will be able to use it soon, does this mean they will be able to contribute to the data when a new business opens?

Anonymous said...

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lidarservicecom said...

This blog " to eat" is one of genius blog for me. I love your idea and what you share. Thank you so much for posting this one. Keep it up!!!

the said...

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