Friday, November 04, 2005

Google Print

Happy Friday! Well I am off to Arlington tonight to see some old friends and attend a Jewish wedding. The weekend should be great if I can shake this sore throat. Oh well, I will still help the newlyweds celebrate (If you know what I mean). I want to leave you with a little poem that I received in an email yesterday:
Here's to a long life and merry one.
A quick death and a easy one.
A pretty lover and a true one.
A cold beer and another one!
I am featuring the brand new Google Print today. Google Print was released yesterday. As described on their site: "The world's libraries are a tremendous source of knowledge, much of which has never been available online. One of our goals for Google Print is to change that, and today we've taken an exciting step toward meeting it: making available a number of public domain books that were never subject to copyright or whose copyright has expired. We can show every page because these books are in the public domain. (For books not in the public domain we only show small snippets of the work unless the publisher or copyright holder has given us permission to show more.)" I know this is not totally GIS related, but if you do a search for GIS you will see approxiamtely 260 different books. Just think about what kind of resource this is in your everday work. You can see more at Have a great weekend!

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