Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hi! The end of the week is approaching quickly and the weather here in East Texas is beautiful. I must get outside this weekend!!!

Today I am going to talk about ESRI. ESRI is the number one GIS software company in the World. They began the company back in 1969. Their success in GIS is built on the belief that geography matters. It fundamentally influences and connects our many cultures, societies, and ways of life. On their website they explain, "Our technology helps fight forest fires, determine new national boundaries during peace negotiations, find promising sites for fast-growing companies, rebuild cities around the world, support optimal land use planning, route emergency vehicles, monitor rain forest depletion, contain oil spills, and perform countless other vital tasks every day". ESRI has more than 4,400 skilled employees worldwide who work with hundreds of business partners and tens of thousands of users. If you are not familiar with ESRI please visit their website at .

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