Thursday, October 06, 2005

GIS Proffesional Certification

I just finished my presentation of a chapter of Introduction to ArcGIS I so that I can be authorized to teach it. I'm glad that is over! I can tell that I have a lot of preparation to do. The ESRI Authorized Training Program is an interesting concept. Look into it if you aren't familiar.

Today I am going to talk about Professional GIS Certification or becoming a GISP. I became a GISP about six months ago and I am glad I did. The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is an "organization that provides the geographic information systems community with a complete certification program. GISCI offers participants from the first early years on the job until retirement a positive method of developing value for professionals and employers in the GIS profession". The certification process is straightforward and is based on three primary criteria: education, experience and contributions to the industry. My favorite part of the certification process is the requirement for contributions to the industry. This makes individuals get involved and keeps them involved because re-certification is required every five years. The most common question I get about the GISP program is if a test is required. The answer is no because GIS is such a broad field and a standardized test is near impossible. For more information please visit


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