Thursday, December 15, 2005

A GIS Christmas!!

I am officially an ESRI Authorized Instructor for ArcGIS I! I must admit that the process was more difficult than I first thought. Anyway, if you know anyone that needs training here in Texas let me know.

Only 10 shoping days to Christmas!! Trying to find something "special" for that "spatial" person? How about a cool GIS t-shirt that says "Mapster" from Or possibly a new book from ESRI Press (you can find most of them cheaper on Amazon) or the full length GIS video "World in a Box" at You could always go with a reproduction of a historical map at or Even better would be the latest and greatest GPS from If you are light on the funds you could always download some free data from Enjoy the map of Christmas Island, I felt that it was appropriate. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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