Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Good Morning! If you haven't seen this month's GeoWorld you should check it out. Their is a great article titled "Industry Outlook 2006". You can also find it here

Wow!! Map24 is cool! Where to start? First, you can choose from detailed maps of Europe, North America, Brazil and the Middle East. Once you have choosen a map you can search for an address or create detailed driving directions (including multiple stops). is a fully interactive map, based on a special internet protocol for vector map streaming, named MapTP, which allows incredible animated zooms from continental view down into city level. Any result list of searches leads is interactive as well and leads to animated map jumps showing each location as you click them. shows the full power of client side JAVA! The driving directions can even be modified for speed, path, etc. After you have mapped a route you can even watch it like a movie. Check it out at

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