Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google Transit

I'm recovering nicely from our Holiday party at my supervisors' house. It was a great time!! I even came away with an electric flyswatter (you don't see one of those everyday)!

Google is at it again!!! Google Transit could change the way we travel and hopefully increase our need for public transportation. Do you live in or near a city? Want to go someplace—to the airport, to dinner, to work every day—and not worry about the hassles and expense of driving and parking? Google Transit Trip Planner enables you to enter the specifics of your trip—where you're starting, where you're ending up, what time of day you'd like to leave and/or arrive—then uses all available public transportation schedules and information to plot out the most efficient possible step-by-step itinerary. You can even compare the cost of your trip with the cost of driving the same route! At the moment they are only offering this service for the Portland, Oregon metro area, but they plan to expand to cities throughout the United States and around the world. Check it out at!

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