Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Nature Conservancy

Hola! I have decided to take Friday off so that I could have one more four day weekend. I need more time off to mentally prepare myself for another year. I just hope that the coming year will be as successful as this year has been!!

The Nature Conservancy has been using GIS for more than a decade. Their usage has grown exponentially as geospatial technologies and data have become more accessible and more capable of meeting their diverse needs. GIS is currently used at all levels of the organization from executives to interns, and across the majority of their functional departments and widely distributed operating units. GIS has become a critical tool for internal planning, analysis and information management. It is also used extensively to produce maps, reports and statistics for external communications and fundraising. GIS assists conservation practitioners in every phase of TNC's Conservation Process. Primary GIS functions of map production, spatial analysis, and data management are woven throughout the four stages of the Conservation Process: Ecoregional Planning > Site Conservation Planning > Conservation Action > Measuring Success. You can also find maps, data and much more information on how the nature conservancy uses GIS at

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