Thursday, February 02, 2006

ArcWeb Explorer (Beta Release)

Good day! I saw an interesting post on the GISUser blog about a flying car in Australia on Google Earth. You can check out the article here At first I thought it was a billboard, but then I read that someone has visited the site and nothing is there. Weird!!

ArcWeb Explorer is ESRI's new Web-based map viewing application based on Macromedia Flash 8. The ArcWeb Explorer uses vector mapping technology to render maps quickly in the browser instead of having the server render them. The result is improved speed and performance, greater control over the map appearance, and desktop-like functionality over the Internet. In addition, ArcWeb Explorer provides access to ArcWeb Services so you can easily find locations by street address, telephone number (land line), and IP address. This is a pretty cool function, but it is not accurate. I searched for three phone numbers and they all took me to the correct City, but not the correct address. The find this computer function doesn't work either! You can also create a route and directions between locations and map locations from Excel spreadsheets. Although the directions don't work either. I did a route from my office to my home and it didn't even place the points in the right cities. I know it is beta, but come on!! Check it out at

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