Monday, February 13, 2006


I survived the SCAUG conference.....barely! It was a great event!! Excellent knowledge sharing, good friends, superb entertainment, etc. I can't wait until next year. I little birdy told me it might be in New Orleans. Wooh hoo!!

Zillow is an online real estate service dedicated to helping you get an edge in real estate by providing you with valuable tools and information. "Zillow" evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone. But a home is about more than data - it is where you lay your head to rest at night, like a pillow. Thus, "Zillow" was born. calculates a valuation (the Zestimate™) that anyone can see — for free — for most homes in the U.S., including yours. Or the one you want to be yours. Or the one you are curious about. The maps use GlobeXplorer and Navteq data. Check it out at

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