Thursday, February 16, 2006


Good morning! We are sending off our first set of data to our consultant for rectification and conversion to the geodatabase. It's an exciting day!! Also, check out the new feature that I added on the bottom right of the page. You can now subscribe to the blog and it will email you when the page is updated. Sign up!!

Pictometry is the world leader in digital, oblique aerial imaging. Their revolutionary, visual information systems are helping homeland security, public safety agencies, and first responders save time and lives. Pictometry is a unique, patented information system that combines aerial imaging with a state of the art software system that has the ability to provide visual information unlike any other system available. While Pictometry libraries contain orthogonal (straight down) images like ordinary aerial imaging, over 80% of Pictometry's images are oblique (taken from angles) so that features can be easily seen in their entirety. Within seconds, using Pictometry's software, a user can literally see everywhere, measure anything and plan everything. This means that clients can literally view and analyze any house, building, intersection, fire hydrant, tree or any feature in their area from their laptop or workstation. Features can be viewed from at least three and up to twelve different directions. The images are all in a full color, high resolution, digital format. Check it out at


Anonymous said...

If you are going to just print marketing crap from websites, at least be kind enough to put it in quotes and cite it! The lovefest for Pictometry is from

GIS Rogue said...

Jeez, perhaps Mr./Mizz Anonymous should switch his/her morning dietary menu from bland oatmeal to fun and festive Fruity Pebbles to cut down on the obvious bouts of crankiness plaguing this particular grouch. An anger management course or two wouldn't hurt, either. Good luck!

Geoblogger said...

Wow! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I don't always have time to write orignal content. I do this blog to point out interesting products, websites, etc. that I think are interesting or helpful. I do occaisonally give an opinion, but I try to keep it as positive as possible. I hope that you will try to find the blog to be useful instead of a marketing site because it is not meant to be one. Have a great day!!!

Android said...

Well, granted, I have my occasions of being cranky too, but I do think that if someone takes direct verbage from another web site, they really ought to quote it and attribute it, whether or not it is a "love fest".
1) It is courtesy to the reader
2) It shows your respect for the original source, whether or not there is an actual or implicit copyright.
3) It avoids some problems of potentially being called on plagiarism.
Paraphrasing is one thing, but these are plain old ctl-c/ctl-v.

I do appreciate that you usually put a lot more into your posts than just a couple snippets of cut-and-paste, but going back over the last couple of recent posts on products and services, I see at least one word-for-word sentence clipped directly in each one. That is fine to use them, but even just quotes on those lifted sections would help clarify where the gushing is coming from for the reader since you do point to the source - those websites - in each post. Besides, they usually are pretty obvious from their swarmy marketroid dialect, but still, a couple "s would help lots!

I still enjoy your site (and will probably continue to keep an eye on it from a planet), just a suggestion for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right - plagerism. At least copy some useful information, not just the marketing blather. blah blah blah

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