Friday, February 24, 2006

GIS Tips & Tricks Weblog

Happy Friday! I'm off to Mexico this afternoon. It should be an interesting trip. We are renting a car at the Cancun airport and then driving about an hour to the remote location where we are staying. The scary part is that it will be dark.....very dark. Their are not many street lights in the Yucatan forest. Anyway, it should be fun and interesting. I just hope we can make it to Chichen Itza (see I'll try to post some pics on the Frappr site ( when I return Tuesday.

GIS Tips & Tricks is a great weblog that demonstrates how to do some little know functions in ArcGIS. Some of the recent posts include: Overlapping Polygons Display Order, Cool Tools continued…, Cool Tools from XTools Pro, Creating a Unique ID field in ArcMAP, ArcGIS Scripting Summary, Matching Shade Transparency to Legend, New-School Editing in ArcMAP, Fixing Broken Data Links in ArcGIS 9, Add Date Time & File Name Stamp to an ArcMAP Layout, and Georeferencing an image in ArcMAP. Check it out at Enjoy!

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