Monday, February 20, 2006


Happy Monday! It should be an interesting week. I've got meetings almost everyday and I'm leaving for Mexico on Friday. We are visiting for my girlfriends thesis research this summer. It should be an interesting trip, but I'm sure it will be too quick. We leave on Friday and return on Monday night.

The FreeGIS Project aims to promote the freedom in the scope of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It seeks to reach its aim through promoting the use, development and support of Free GIS Software, promoting the use and release of publicly available geographic data in the same sense of freedom as for Free Software, promoting the use, writing, translation and extending of free documents in the GIS field. The FreeGIS projects concentrates mainly on two services: the website, which summarizes the said software, data and documents with additional infos and search opportunities and a community discussion list, where the news and releases are announced and synergy is sought among the interested community members and projects. Learn more at

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