Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Texas Hazard Mitigation Package

Happy Valentine's Day!! Don't forget that special someone in your life whether it be a wife, girlfriend, Mom, or sister. I have finally started to uncover from the mountain of emails that were awaiting when I returned yesterday. It just doesn't pay to leave town anymore! Finally, I want to mention that ESRI has really made some improvements on the ArcWeb Explorer beta site. Most of the problems I found when I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago have been fixed. Good job!!

The Texas Geographic Society (TXGS), a not-for-profit corporation located in Austin, Texas, received a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning Grant (HMPG) in 2003 as a sub-grantee to the Texas Division of Emergency Management. The purpose of this grant is to develop an Internet-based viewing and distribution tool for digital geographic datasets that can be used by state and local hazard mitigation planners and emergency managers in identifying natural hazards, risk areas and vulnerabilities in Texas. The project, Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP), is a free online resource. Though additional links and supporting information is provided to assist hazard mitigation and emergency management planning, it is essentially these four functions that this site is intended to serve:
1. Identify historical hazard occurences by the event location or summarized by county,
2. Identify hazard risk areas and other detailed geographic data relative to hazards
3. Identify vulnerable population and property value areas to particular hazards, and
4. Download any data to perform detailed quantification of impact on other mapping/GIS systems
Check it out at http://www.thmp.info/.

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