Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cyber-Geography Research

I'm back!! The trip to Mexico was incredible. We should all get a chance to spend the weekend in the jungle. I hope to get some photos on my Flickr site soon. I'll tell more soon, but I have much to catch up on.

"CyberGeography is the study of the spatial nature of computer communications networks, particularly the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other electronic "places" that exist behind our computer screens, popularly referred to as cyberspace. Cybergeography encompasses a wide range of geographical phenomena from the study of the physical infrastructure, traffic flows, the demographics of the new cyberspace communities, to the perception and visualisation of these new digital spaces. In addition, the potential geographical impacts of Cyberspace technologies on real-space needs to be examined. There are many geographies of cyberspace and many geographical approaches to study them. The emphasis of Cyber-Geography Research tends to be on the more quantitative aspects of measuring and mapping the geography of cyberspaces." Learn more at

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