Friday, March 03, 2006


It's Friday!! Many changes are coming in my life in the next month....we start packing this weekend for a move to Longview, TX to be closer to work. My girlfriend is also preparing to go to Mexico for three months this summer. Other than those not so minor changes things are the same. We are planning on going to "Latino night" at a local club tonight. We just can't get enough of that Latin flavor! Also, check out the pictures of Mexico at the bottom of the page that I added to my Frappr site.

Podbop is let's you search for bands that are coming to a certain city, listen to their MP3's, find a band you like and go see them. The old way consisted of "looking up concerts in your town on an event site, googling 100 different bands, tracking down an MP3 for each band, and then deciding which show you want to go to." So what does this have to do with mapping? They use John Emerson's DIY Map. This allows you to click on recently searched cities and see the bands coming to that area. Check it out at

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