Monday, March 27, 2006

The National Map

Happy late Monday! As you can see from the time stamp I am updating th blog late today. I had a busy day trying to prepare for my first Introduction to ArcGIS I class tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well, I have never taught a class for an entire day, not to mention two days. Wish me luck! I had a good weekend. The garage sale was a success and I got rid of much junk! We also managed to get more stuff packed. The big moving day is Friday. I can't wait (sarcasm)!

"The National Map is a consistent framework for geographic knowledge needed by the Nation. It provides public access to high-quality, geospatial data and information from multiple partners to help support decisionmaking by resource managers and the public. The National Map is the product of a consortium of Federal, State, and local partners who provide geospatial data to enhance America's ability to access, integrate, and apply geospatial data at global, national, and local scales. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is committed to meeting the Nation's needs for current base geographic data and maps. Their vision is that, by working with partners, we will ensure that the Nation has access to current, accurate, and nationally consistent digital data and topographic maps derived from those data." Check out the National Map at

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