Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Today is the big day for my first Introduction to ArcGIS I class. We will see what kind of teacher I am. I guess I'll be happy if everyone stays awake. Those probably aren't very high expectations, but it is better to shoot low and maybe I'll be surprised. Wish me luck!

I've got something extra cool today! Check out the very bottom of the blog. I've added a chatroom that includes the geographic location of the participants. Please login and update your profile so that I can see where and who my blog viewers are. Maybe I'll be on at the same time and will have a chance to chat with a few of you. "Mapable's goal is to take take common social activities on the Internet and put them on a geographic map. This applies to chat, polling, surveys, dating, learning and many more. For example, Mapable Chat is a browser-based chat application where you can see where all the chat participants are. There are three major components in the core of the Mapable platform: people, locations and communication: People - users of Mapable can create a personal profile and provide information about their geographic location, interests and communication preferences. Location - Mapable tracks all user generated content as it relates to individual locations. As a result, you can query the system for anything that may have an association with a certain geographic area. For example, Mapable Chat can quickly provide a summary of the most talked about subjects in California or list all the locations where the word 'Einstein' has been mentioned. Communication - The Mapable platform provides a set of tools to enable various communication patterns. This includes user-to-user messaging (as found in Mapable Chat), system to user data push (soon to be shown in Mapable Polling)." Check out this cool tool at http://www.mapable.com/.

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