Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MidAmerica GIS Consortium

This is my 100th post on the Geoblog!!! It sure doesn't seem like I have posted that many times. I'll keep it up as long as a few people keep reading. I have a meeting today with our economic development coorporation. This is a sector where GIS can really be of benefit. It has taken off in many areas, but it has a long way to go. We are going to talk with them about what data we can provide and possibly some training for them.

"The MidAmerica GIS Consortium, Ltd. (MAGIC) is a nonprofit educational organization established to foster the applications of geographic information systems (GIS) and related spatial technologies in the mid-continent region. The Consortium sponsors a biennial MidAmerica GIS Symposium in even numbered years. MAGIC provides a focus for:
Establishing linkages between GIS users having similar application interests; Facilitating communication and data sharing across levels of government and between government, industry and academia; Promoting spatial data standards and land records modernization;
Promoting collaboration and advancement of geospatial technologies in government. MAGIC states include, but are not limited to: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma & South Dakota." Learn more at http://magicweb.kgs.ku.edu/.

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GIS Huckleberry Heathen said...

Since you finally started putting quotation marks in their rightful place like the good lil' boy you are, I guess I'll keep reading your daily blog reports each morning before milking the cows, slopping the hogs, and GPS-ing the Back 40 on my turbo-charged fully-modified John Deere tractor. In other words, yeeeeee-haw and keep up the good work, son!

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