Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ontario Beer Hunter *

Good day! Big news from the GISUser this morning. Arc2Earth has been officially released. This is the software that lets you easily convert your ESRI data into Google Earth data. Also, Sketchup (@Last software) was purchased by Google. For those that aren't familiar Sketchup is an awesome tool that lets you easily create 3D scenes. They also offer an extension for ArcGIS to bring your GIS data into Sketchup and vice versa. Today I have my quarterly GIS Executive Committee meeting. This is the group that helps steer our GIS program here at the City. It's a great idea if you don't already have one because it allows the stakeholder departments to provide feedback. Have a good one!

The Ontario Beer Hunter (*Not to be confused with this beer hunter) is a great Google mashup that shows where to find beer in Ontatrio, Canada. What an excellent idea!! The creator has come up with unique icons for different establishments and he invites you to submit missing locations. You can search by city or by region. He also shows the stores operating hours by using semi-transparent icons to indicate stores that are closed. Awesome!! I'm ready for this site to go worldwide. Check it out at

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