Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google Earth Hacks

Hola! Another day of meetings and preparation for meetings. Our first meeting of the year for the East Texas GIS & GPS User Group (ETUG) is tomorrow. If you are from the East Texas or Western Louisianna area please join us.

If you already have Google Earth, Google Earth Hacks will give you files to enhance your experience with Google Earth. If you don't have Google Earth you are missing out on the fun. "Some of the files will simply point out fun places to visit, while others can do things like put real-time weather radars on your map, add in more 3D buildings, or any number of other things. The easiest way to use the files is to have Google Earth already open while you're viewing our site. When you find a file you want, just click the "download" link. If your browser gives you the choice, choose to just open the file. Wait a few seconds and your computer should switch over to Google Earth and fly you to the new location! If you choose to save the file to your disk, just locate it and double-click on it to get Google Earth to open it and fly you there. KMZ and KML are the formats that Google Earth uses to store information about locations on the map. If you ever add a placemark to the map (by going to [Add] and then [Placemark]), you can save that file as a KMZ and share it with the world! This site has nothing to do with illegal hacking that you read about in the news. The "hacks" on here simply refer to files that you can download to enhance your use of Google Earth. Hacks often refer to add-on software for a program." Check it out at

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