Friday, March 24, 2006


It's Friday!! The weekend is full of garage sales and packing. Did I mention that moving sucks. Although, I seem to do it once every couple of years. Oh well!! Have a good weekend!

"The GIS4KIDS site was born out of our love for GIS, and a desire to help broaden the benefits of GIS to all. They believe they can create GIS applications that will provide increased interactive learning and that they will have the benefit of improving geographic literacy. They are committed to making the applications available for free so that all schools, no matter how they are funded, will have the chance to participate and be part of this exciting frontier. Schools who need to utilize GIS for their curriculum are welcome to use their existing applications. They are also looking for volunteers for this GIS4Kids project. You can volunteer in various ways: Reach out to local schools; Provide technical assistance or training; Contribute your effort to for updates and research; Look for grant possibilities." Check it out at

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