Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Unpacking is officially complete! I'm surprised we finished that quickly and that everything seems to fit in our apartment. Since that little chore is complete and I am closer to work, I can start putting some serious hours in to catch up on some projects here at the City. So many ideas, so little time!

"CensusTrax is an on-line interactive web GIS service to quickly retrieve, map and export US Census data. CensusTrax serves as the base framework for the géoflash Explorer system and thus can be fully customized to suit unique needs. The géoflash Explorer CensusTrax system is a hybrid (or Mashup) of Google Maps, the géoflash Explorer system (an Open Source Flash web GIS), YaHoo's National Geocoding service, and the entire block level US Census. The system seamlessly overlays translucent, interactive géoflash demographic maps on top of a Google map. The overlaying “intelligent” géoflash maps can perform thematic analysis, be clicked-on for information retrieval, display mouseover tooltips and query a dynamic geo-relational database. The Google base map, in turn, provides seamless national coverage and smooth dynamic panning and zooming. YaHoo's geocoding service provides accurate and lightening-fast address location for the entire United States." Check it out at

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