Monday, April 17, 2006


I'm sorry!! I have been neglecting my loyal readers. It's been a long, hectic, depressing, draining last five days, but that's no excuse. Let's see....Wednesday I had a lunch meeting with many different organizations around the City that deal with economic development. That's not a bad group to know. Anyway, I couldn't get around to the blog and I left immediately after work for Dallas. On Thursday I had a SCAUG/NCTCOG Regional GIS meeting which went well. We had about 100 attendees. That night I got to catch up with some old work friends and enjoy some adult beverages. Friday we spent in Dallas with my girlfriends sister. Of course, we partied some more. Sadly, on Saturday I said goodbye to my girlfriend for the next three months. She will be in the Yucatan at beautiful Rancho Santa Maria working on her thesis research. I can't wait to visit at the end of May. So, to drown my sorrows I went to Austin for the rest of the weekend to party some more. Wow what a weekend!! Sorry to ramble, but I had alot to catch up on. I'll try to post everyday, but it may be at night. Work is a little crazy right now.

"In 1987, Graphic Maps in Dallas, Texas was established. At that time the company created colorful, illustrated maps of major worldwide cities, then marketing the maps to the retail, travel and visitor industries, as well as establishing individual map businesses throughout the country. Initially, all of the maps were laboriously drawn by hand, until the computer industry grabbed his attention. Today, all of his cartography is produced in Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop®. Graphic Maps grew dramatically, and today, their award-winning maps are used in more applications then there is room here to mention. - one of the spin-offs from Graphic Maps - was developed in the spring of 1996, in an effort to aid students, teachers, travelers and parents with their geography, map and travel questions. Today it's one of the most popular educational sites on the web, receiving hundreds of questions and tens of thousands of visitors each day." Check it out at

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