Monday, January 23, 2006

Environmental Information Systems of Africa

Happy Monday! I had a good weekend. We had a few cold beverages with friends on Friday night, got all of our errands done on Saturday and cleaned the entire house on Sunday. That's much more productive than normal!!

I was looking at the ClustrMaps map on the bottom right of the page and I noticed that no one from Africa has viewed the blog. So I did a little research. The only GIS related websites I could come up with were from South Africa including the Environmental Information Systems (EIS) of Africa page. Just think of the help that GIS could provide if it is eventually used throughout Africa. The creation of EIS-AFRICA consolidated ten years of investment and capacity building efforts in Environmental Information Systems (EIS) in sub-Saharan Africa into an Africa-wide organization promoting the greater use of harmonised geo-spatial information. EIS-AFRICA is a non-profit pan-African organization of geo-information practitioners and institutions. It is based in Pretoria, South Africa, and is recognized by their strategic partners, clients and the public as a leading organization developing African capacity to generate, manage, disseminate and use geo-spatial and environmental information to enrich policy debate and support decision-making for the well-being of African people. Check it out at .

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