Friday, January 20, 2006

Better late than never! It has been a busy morning here at the City. Three meetings before 11:30. It must mean that business is good! I know I mentioned it last month, but we had another GIS User Committee meeting today. This is an excellent venue to discuss tools, share status of projects, discuss problems, etc. Think about it if you don't already do this. You will not be sorry! Have a most excellent weekend!!! is a resource for users and developers in the open source mapping community, and a home to many open source projects. The projects that are hosted here offer essential services including: latest downloads, CVS repositories for source code, bug lists, community mailing lists, and project documentation. You can even buy a MapTools t-shirt. Check it out at if you are ready to tackle your own open source map project.

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CADforless said...

I will have to check out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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