Monday, May 08, 2006


Good evening! Today was busy as normal. I had a 3.5 hour demo on the transit routing software we are going to buy. That's a tough way to start a Monday morning. The afternoon didn't slow down much from there, phone calls, email, etc. I only hope for some time tomorrow to work!

"GeoTango GlobeView™ delivers a 3D digital earth allowing you to interactively explore the world. Smoothly maneuver from the global to local level while GeoTango GlobeView™ instantly presents you with high quality image and location-based information streamed from anywhere on the internet. Unlike other systems GeoTango GlobeView™ offers a truly open and web services-oriented solution." Check it out at 20 Days!!


Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that Microsoft acquired GeoTango in December.

Geoblogger said...

That's a good point! Thanks for mentioning it.

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