Monday, May 01, 2006

SINTEF Virtual Globe

Good evening! The budget is almost complete. I think I asked for everything I could and still got it $100, 000 less than last year. That's what happens when you are working on a major project and it is the last funding year. Now I just need to start working on all the other paperwork that goes with the budget. What fun!

The SINTEF 3D globe viewer with elevations and satellite images is another Geographic Exploration System. "You can even configure the Virtual Globe to use your own data. Try the Viewpoints page to start the Globe and jump directly to exciting viewpoints! The program is developed by Rune Aasgaard at SINTEF Applied Mathematics. In short this is a client-server application for displaying very large (=global scale) terrain models. The terrain database is stored on a server, and the client program only fetches the data required for generating an image on your screen with the wanted resolution. As you moves around the program loads and throws out data as needed. The program requires a Java v1.4 or v1.5 (5.0) runtime environment (select a JRE for your system)." Check it out at 27 Days!

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