Friday, May 26, 2006

Satellite Tracking Mashup

Howdy! I'm rushing around trying to get some projects in line before my departure at noon. I've got an action packed week and a half. I leave for the Galveston area at lunch to spend the Memorial Day weekend with my family. We have plans for plenty of fishing, food and barley intake. Monday morning I'm off to Mexico to see my girlfriend! We have plans to visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, the capital of the Yucatan state, Merida, and lay on the beach at Isla Mujeres. It should be a great trip! When I return on Sunday night I hop on another flight to New Orleans. We are visiting a hotel to determine if they are the winner for the SCAUG conference next year. I'm curious to see how this great City is progressing. So, long story short, I won't be updating the blog for over a week. Shortly, after I return I hope to get some pictures added to the slideshow on the bottom of the page. Have a great week!!

The Satellite Tracking Google mashup is awesome. You can see and track the current location of every satellite that are zooming around the Globe. This is too cool!! You can switch between the International Space Station, weather satellites and GPS satellites. Their is not alot of information about the creators of this site, but it has a ton of info on the satellites. If you use some of the help provided in the FAQ's you can even see some of these satellites as they pass overhead (at night of course). Check it out at Viva Mexico!!!

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