Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm back!!! Wow.....what a week.....but I am tired! I got in about eleven last night from driving back from Houston. The stay in Galveston was OK. Too many partying Memorial Day vacationers and I wasn't in the mood to party. My mind was on getting to Mexico. Although, I did catch a nice flounder while fishing and ate a ton of shrimp. I made it to the rancho in Mexico about five hours later than I was suposed to on Monday. Rain storms in Houston made everything delayed, but I finally got to see my girlfriend. She is getting so skinny from walking through the jungles everyday. I kept telling her that she needed a sandwhich! The next day we caught and banded one of her woodpeckers. That was quite an experience. That afternoon we were off to Chichen Itza. We missed the light show that they do on El Castillo every night due to another rain storm, but we didn't mind because we sat in the open air bar, drank beers and enjoyed the cool weather the rain brought. On Wednesday we explored Chichen Itza which is massive. What a fasinating culture (the Mayans)! That afternoon we ventured on to Merida, which is the capital of the Yucatan State, where we stayed in a hotel that was built in 1901. We shopped, ate, drank and enjoyed this great city. After shopping some more we headed back to the rancho where we entertained the Mayan workers with cold beers and chocolate. Friday we headed to Isla Mujeres. This is a beautiful island northeast of Cancun that is a tourist spot, but not to the extent of Cancun (many Mexican families vacation here). The beaches were white and the water was crystal clear. We spent two days eating fresh seafood, drinking and being lazy on the beach. It was great! When we returned on Sunday my girlfriend got to watch the episodes of Survivor that she missed while in Mexico. That afternoon I returned to Houston where I boarded another plane to New Orleans. It was interesting to see the condition of the City since I have been there several times before. It is by no means back to where it used to be, but they are making good progress. The Quarter of course is functioning and the Royal Sonesta hotel where the 2007 SCAUG conference will be held is incredible. We toured and discussed the hotel on Monday and I flew back to Houston last night. I'm beat!! No more major trips are scheduled until the ESRI conference in August. I'm glad!

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