Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hola! I've got my big budget meeting today where the City Manager asks me questions concerning my requests for the upcoming year. Last year he took it easy on me so hopefully this year will be the same. Keep your fingers crossed. This morning I'm running over to the Library to install data for my Intro to ArcGIS course this Thursday and Friday. This afternoon after the budget meeting I've got to install some GPS software for training tomorrow. What fun! Have a good one!

The creators of ASCII Maps couldn't have said it better. "Google Maps in ASCII characters. Pure silliness for your enjoymentby the good people at Poly9 and the invaluable Markus Gebhard" Pure silliness is right, but I think it's a pretty interesting idea. The text actually keeps the shape of the features on the map. Zoom in to see what your hometown looks like in ASCII text. Check it out at http://www.asciimaps.com/. 9 Days!!!

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