Tuesday, June 20, 2006

43 Places

Hola! Well my busy week starts today. I've got the Supervisor's Network at lunch today where we will be discussing budgeting. I mention it every month, but this is a group setup by the City of existing supervisors and potential supervisors to help them learn about some of the duties of being a supervisor. After that I'm off to the EOC to setup the area that the Emergency GIS Team will be stationed. The Emergency GIS Team was formed to improve the use of GIS and supporting information services in the EOC as well as work on projects to make the City better prepared for emergency events. Its’ official mission is to integrate all information necessary to develop a common operational picture for senior leadership and other emergency responders. More specifically the Team will collect, analyze, and disseminate information across all Emergency Support Functions. The focus of the team will be to develop an integrated common operational picture of an emergency event. It will review information coming from the field, departmental control centers and EOC personnel to quality control the data, identify gaps and develop intelligence products for City staff. One last note, Antonio Fraga Fernandez, sent me a note the other day telling me about his Spanish version of the GeoBlog! The blog is in Spanish (I'm sure you could translate it), but I'm going to start reading to improve my limited Spanish skills. Check it out at http://antoniofraga.blogspot.com/.

43 Places lets you “Share stories about places in your city and around the world. Travel changes people. Whether it is finding a great new coffee shop in your city or a life altering trip around the world, finding great places can make us happier people. 43 Places helps you make a list of the great places you want to visit and share stories and photos of the places you’ve been." So why is it called 43 Places? "Everything needs a name. We think 43 is the right number of places for a busy person to try and visit. Why not more? It’s too much. Why not less? You can do less, but it is still called 43 Places. Also, we had this site called 43 Things and we thought the name was fitting." You can even view the places people have posted on a Google Map. Check it out at http://www.43places.com/. 17 Days!!!

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