Monday, June 19, 2006

gps tracklog

Happy Monday! I had a good weekend, but I am a bit tired from the driving. I had some excellent Indian food yesterday afternoon and the Rangers won their game. On Saturday, I got hooked on MySpace. If you haven't gotten into this yet, DON'T. You will never sleep! If you are interested in my MySpace page you can find a link to the right. This week is looking pretty busy, but I don't have any meetings today.

GPS tracklog is a blog about anything and everything GPS. The author states, "I'm an outdoor recreation enthusiast and I love getting "way back" where humans rarely tread. Having a life-long love of maps, when I finally purchased my first GPS, I got into it fairly heavily. My quest to create the most complete map of my favorite natural areas resulted in me trying many different mapping programs. I also love to share and write, so when I realized there was no book on this subject, I set out to write one. The result was 'GPS Mapping - Make Your Own Maps'. When I'm not outside exploring or inside blogging, I have a day job too, as Executive Director of Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens." You can find information here about Accessories, Garmin, Geocaching, GIS, GPS News, GPS Reviews, GPS Tracking, Hardware, Internet applications, Location based services, Lowrance, Magellan, Maps, Software, Software Reviews, The business of GPS and Waypoints. Check it out at 18 days till my girlfriend comes home!

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