Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Howdy! Another day in paradise. I've been working on getting my budget finally finished. Paperwork sucks!! I also have an Executive Committee meeting tomorrow so I have to prepare for that too. I've mentioned it before, but the Executive Committee is an invaluable group that we have here at the City. Not only does it allow City departments to give feedback at the manager level. It also allows me to get buy-in on projects that I want to implement. On a personal note I'm going to pick up my Expedition from the shop at lunch. I swear I have replaced all eight of the coils on this piece. If anyone out there owns a Ford and they have had the same problem let me know. I think it is time for a class action law suit. Ha!

Here is a cool one for all you weather bugs! I'm especially interested since my girlfriend is living in the path of most hurricanes. IBISEYE is a hurricane tracking mashup using Google. It is created by "the Herald Tribune Media Group which is based in Sarasota, Fl. and is owned by the New York Times Co. The Weather Underground is feeding all the weather alerts and tropical storm updates. The historic tropical storm data came from the National Weather Service. The underlying maps are served by Google Maps. The property records data came from the Florida Department of Revenue and numerous county property appraisers and GIS departments across the state." It is pretty cool because it has a risk estimator and you can view past paths. Check it out at http://www.ibiseye.com/.

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