Wednesday, June 28, 2006

geo visitors

What a day!! We had Gary in from Western Data Systems to give a little training on our new Trimble GeoXH. It's a pretty cool machine and it has 1' accuracy. Rock! Anyway, I've been going at it since 7:15. My meeting with the City Manager yesterday went well. He asked two questions and told us that we were doing a great job. So, the budget is looking good! Tomorrow I teach another Intro to ArcGIS I class. I've got a pretty full class so it should be interesting. It also includes many managers and directors. Well, I've got to go review my material. Notice my countdown to the ESRI UC on the right. Out!

Check out this tool from Digital Point Solutions. "It will automatically detect where in the world visitors are coming from when they visit your site. To use, copy/paste the HTML code on the right to your website." That's it! You can put it on your MySpace page or your blog. Check it out at 8 Days!

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