Friday, June 09, 2006


Happy Friday! What a week! It's bad enough to come back from vacation to hundreds of emails and requests, but to come back to multiple events and a crisis. Arrr! BTW the girlfriend is much better now. I've procrastinated entering my budget long enough. Today it must be completed. Hopefully it doesn't take too long or else it will be a late night on a FRIDAY. Oh well, have a great weekend. I thought today's post was appropriate for my mood.

Unfortunately, this awesome mashup is only available in Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Milwaukee. "With hundreds of bars and thousands of specials Drinktown helps you start the night right by mapping the night out. Got a taste for Half-Price Wine? Use our maps and filters to find the nearest wine special and you've got it." It also has this cool tool that lets you create your own pub crawl. You just click a path and shows the bars that match your filter. Too cool! Check it out at

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