Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Geography of Seinfeld

Good morning! This afternoon I will be working on my portion of the pilot phase of site address field verification. We desparately need an accurate point site address layer in our City. Currently when we geocode to our parcel layer we have about a 60% - 70% match. I'm hoping that this layer will help with that as well as create a master address file for us. Cross your fingers for us. On an unrelated note the GISUser had an interesting article about how the New Orleans is using GPS to catch wild dogs and cats. It seems they have an growing population since the hurricane. Read it at

Check this one out! "Join the gang in this Seinfeld Google Maps Mashup. Address and locations are from the actual Seinfeld scripts, observations, your input, and website descriptions. Since some address are from the scripts, they may not make perfect sense in a real life. Join Elaine, Kramer, and George to build your own Jerry Seinfeld virtual tour!" Check it out at

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