Thursday, June 22, 2006

Global MapAid

Good day! Well, I am officially starting to feel older. Today is my birthday and I am 29. Too many that doesn't sound old, but next year I will be 30 and that doesn't sound too good to me. Oh well, it's just another day right? My meetings yesterday went well! I've got another one for the entire second half of the day. We are developing strategies to help imrove our City in many areas including: Remaining responsive, open and flexible to our citizens; Promoting respect and dignity in all interactions; Sustaining and developing a competent workforce; Maintaining a safe and welcoming community; Exercising corporate responsibility for City resources and results; Seeking collaborative relationships. It should be interesting what we come up with.

"Global MapAid, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was formed with the aim of supplying specialist maps to humanitarian decision makers at all levels, predominantly in slow onset disasters such as famine, but also when necessary in rapid onset disasters such as a flood. GMA is intent upon supporting aid efforts by assisting in the provision of mapping and corresponding communication systems for humanitarian organizations. Maps are detailed of nature and will include population, food security, AIDS, refugee and famine data." Feel free to donate! Check it out at 15 Days!!!!

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