Monday, May 22, 2006

Imagery for the Nation

Good afternoon! I've been negelcting the blog lately. Sorry to those that read daily. Today, I've been teaching an Intro to ArcGIS class. It has gone rather quickly because the group is so small. Day two is tomorrow and should go just as fast.

"The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) is working with the National Digital Orthophoto Program Committee (NDOP) and the Federal Geographic Data Committee
(FGDC) to create a new nationwide aerial imagery program that will collect and disseminate standardized multi-resolution products on “set” schedules. Local, state, regional, tribal, and federal partners will be able to exercise “buyup” options for enhancements that are required by their organizations. The imagery acquired through this program will remain in the public domain and archived to secure its availability for posterity." If this program makes it, it will be a big help for smaller communities that can't really afford quality imagery. I know we are working with three year old black and white aerials. It would be really nice to have 6" color photos on a four year rotation with an option to buyup if funds are available. Keep your fingers croassed. Learn more at 6 Days!!

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