Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Howdy! I've got to install ArcGIS on ten computers in the Library this afternoon for a training class next week. Somehow when we held an ESRI live webinar we killed all of the computers in the Library. It had something to do with the player that the live webinar uses. Anyway, our Library IT lady was not too pleased. So, long story short, we have to reinstall all of the software and data. What fun!

I've got a treat today!! Schmap! What's a Schmap? Well, "three years ago..."Wouldn't it be great if travel guides had searchable, customizable, updatable content? What if we could bookmark and custom print only those places of interest to us? What if a guide had maps that could interact dynamically with reviews and pictures for sites and attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, theatres, galleries, museums... and came with links to even more content and travel resources on the Internet? How about adding virtual tours for a city or even an island destination - tours that could be played, paused and fast-forwarded, just as easily as using a media player? You're a software engineer – you could make something like that..." "Umm, good idea - can't imagine why anybody hasn't done it before! Should be able to knock something up quite easily in a couple of weeks." Three years later...The Schmap Player is now a work in progress beta, while our series of Schmap Guides sees new destinations added every week - all thanks to the support of great content partners, your superb photos and valuable feedback, plus inspiration and perspiration from Schmap team members. Every Schmap Guide comes with dynamic maps, useful links, playable tours, top picks, plus photos and reviews for 100s of sights and attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters, galleries, museums..." Too cool! I installed the Austin Schamp and I love it! Check it out at 11 Days!!

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