Monday, July 17, 2006

Active Volcanoes

Good evening! I just don't have enough time lately. I only had three meetings, but I felt like I wasn't in my office at all and I didn't even take a lunch. My meeting this morning was with our appraisal district and it looks like we will be sharing a single geodatabase for all of our data and creating a ArcIMS site for both entities. That's exciting news!! This afternoon we met with our Planning department and we are officially taking over 911 addressing as of this afternoon. More exciting news (and a little scary)! On the personal side of life we had an excellent weekend. We visited the balloon race on Friday night and it was an amazing experience. Look for a couple pics on Frappr soon. We also had time to catch a movie, go for a swim, and had a very hot bike ride. Peace!

Active Volcanoes (spelled wrong on the site) is a Google mashup that shows "volcano activity Reports available from the Smithsonian Institute (USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report)and the VOLCANO mailing list. Database and additional information from:Smithsonian Institution, Global Volcanism Program." Check it out at


Anonymous said...

According to Merriam-Webster
Main Entry: vol·ca·no
Pronunciation: väl-'kA-(")nO, vol-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -noes or -nos
Active Volcanoes (spelled wrong on the site)

both Volcanoes and Volcanos are correct

-- Larry

Geoblogger said...

Thanks Larry! I sit corrected. Thanks for the feedback and keep reading!

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