Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Military Deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan

Well, we are back at it after the Holiday! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off. I've got a meeting today about the creation of our external ArcIMS site. We are trying to decide if it will be better to have our consultant host it or to host it ourselves. Any thoughts? Have a good one!

Here is an interesting one that the GISuser mentioned. This mashup developed by a staff writer at the Palm Beach Post maps deaths of military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Individual records and information are provided including the name of the soldier and military operation that the casualty resulted from. "These maps are based on casualty information from the U.S. Department of Defense. The map is a static snapshot of military deaths as of Sunday, June 25. It includes information on 2,797 service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Information on 18 additional service members from other countries and U.S. territories are not reflected in the maps." This really puts things in perspective. Hopefully, some of these names are not from your hometown. Check it out at
. 1 Day!!

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