Friday, July 28, 2006


Happy Friday! I had an excellent meeting yesterday to plan a two day conference here in East Texas. It should be an great event, so stayed tuned for more details. Today, I've got to get over to our library to make sure the computers are ready for my Intro to ArcGIS class next week. This weekend the girlfriend and I are off to the Dallas area to visit family. We will most definitely take in some sushi and some cold beverages. Have a great weekend!

"Space-Time Analysis of Regional Systems (STARS) is an open source package designed for the analysis of areal data measured over time. STARS brings together a number of recently developed methods of space-time analysis into a user-friendly graphical environment offering an array of dynamically linked graphical views. It is intended to be used as an exploratory data analysis tool. STARS can also be used from the command line to support more flexible and specialized types of analyses by advanced users. As such STARS should appeal to a wide array of users. Written entirely in Python, STARS is crossplatform and easy to install (and expand). " Check it out at

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