Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Tour de France in 3D

Good morning! Not much news again today. We continue to press forward on our field verification of addresses and addressing standards. I'm also working on scheduling another Introduction to ArcGIS I course. Other than that it is business as usual. Have a great day!

I'm excited about todays post because if you have taken a look at my profile I enjoy riding the bike on occasion. Although, the Tour is not too exciting now that Lance is not destroying the other rider. "Tour de France and Google team up to offer you the full 3D route of the Tour de France in Google Earth. You will no longer miss anything: reliefs, stage cities, results, departures or arrival lines… Rediscover the Tour with Google Earth. Never miss a stageSave the Tour de France Route in your “favorites” and enjoy an automatic update of course information." Check it out at


Chris said...

This is a very cool app. I have to respectfully disagree though that the Tour isn't as exciting without Lance. I think it's more exciting since we really have no idea who will win. Landis is looking good but there are still several others within easy striking distance. At any rate it's fun to see the course in Google Earth...

Geoblogger said...

Hey Chris,

You are totally right. The fact is that I haven't
been keeping up with the tour like I wish I could.
Thanks for the comment and keep reading the GeoBlog!


stev4n said...

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xlpharmacy coupons said...

It is great that they are doing that kind thing. It would help that people that they like cycling but they can be there.

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