Monday, July 10, 2006


Happy Monday! I had an excellent weekend with the girlfriend back home. Unfortunately, she is back to teaching summer school labs today. Not much rest! Also, if you ever go trouncing through the jungle in the Yucatan beware of the Chechem tree (aka Mayan Jungle Rot). It's like Poison Ivy on steroids and it hurts. We have tried numerous cures for the girlfriend throughout the weekend from Calamine lotion, antibitoic cream, swimming pool chlorine and salt paste. We are thinking the salt paste and chlorine is helping. Wish us luck with that!! On a work related note, I have a meeting this morning with the Citizens on Patrol (aka COPs). We want them to help with our field verification of addresses. The idea is to field verify every address in the City. Have any of you taken on such an endeavor? If so, what are the do's and don'ts? Have a good one!!

"Globe4D is a four dimensional direct manipulation device for globe viewing. ConceptGlobe4D is an interactive installation that consists of a physical sphere whereupon three dimensional images are projected. The projection can be controlled by the user. Unlike conventional globes, Globe4D shows dynamic images which can be viewed from all angles. This is a new way of displaying and interacting with geographical data over time. The user can interact with the globe in two ways. First: rotation of the sphere itself. Second: turning a ring around the sphere. By rotating the sphere the projected image rotates along with the input movement. Turning the ring controls time as the 4th dimension of the globe. In our installation the user experiences a time-shift of more than 750.000.000 years. You can perfectly see the continental drift during this time-travel! Of course Globe4D limitation boundaries are not fixed to the earth alone. Live weather images and daylight changes can be projected on the globe as well as climate changes, earthquakes and hurricanes. You can even think of going to the middle of the earth by zooming in on its crust peeling of the earth as if it is an onion. Of course Globe4D is not limited to the earth alone. The moon, the sun, mars and any other spherical object can be projected as well. The Globe4D concept consists of three parts: the Hardware, the Software and the Data Model. Check it out more at

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